Sony Ericsson Anzu with Android Gingerbread-Xperia X10’s Successor-First Pics Leaked

Xperia X10 got the Android 2.1 Update and it’s time for some new announcement in the Android Line up by Sony Ericsson. But there has been no rumors lately about any products coming up except for Xperia X11 and Xperia X12, Android Gingerbread and Windows 7 Phone. And yes, the PSP phone as well. Well, to be frank we know theres something really big cooking up in the Sony Ericsson HQ’s for us, we know there would be a Windows 7 phone and atleast one Android Gingerbread phone, if we don’t consider PSP phone for now!
So, where are the early leaks of those devices, i mean it’s high time for Sony Ericsson to atleast announce their new Flagship phone. And how can SE keep it so confidential?

Well not any more, there have been few leaks of the codenamed Sony Ericsson Anzu. This comes from unknown source as quoted by XperiaX10 blog. But still the phone look real for now. Won’t say much now! Enjoy the Screenshots and then some info about the updates on this Gingerbread Xperia Successor phone by Sony Ericsson. 🙂

More Pics of GingerBread Xperia X12-Anzu Rumored Phone by Sony Ericsson

Okay i know you figured it out from the screenshots that it is currently running Android 2.1, Eclair and not Gingerbread. Well, it’s supposed to be running Android 2.3, Gingerbread at launch. And perhaps, you can’t see that now as it’s not official yet from Google! And theres no more information about this device yet, exxcept for these,
– feels “very solid” in the hand
– display is “very crisp” and “vivid colours” – No words on type of display used
– will record at 1080p HD Resolution – Camera Resolution not yet confirmed
– front-facing camera
– HDMI port
– it’s “very, very slim”
– 4.3″ Screen – Hope to see Multitouch
– Android 2.3, Gingerbread at Launch – No Words on UXP or Stock Version
– Q1 2011 Launch

Well Eldar Murtazin also confirmed through twitter that Anzu might be the rumored X12 Phone i described before! So you can check for more spec of this phone in that post. 🙂

Source : XperiaX10 Blog & Eldar Murtazin
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