Sony Ericsson Portfolio 2011-Rumored Phones with Latest Technologies-Future Walkthrough

Sony Ericsson’s CEO Bert Nordberg recently said that there are a lot of surprises coming up for all of us and it would create huge buzz. First we thought, it’s about the PSP Phone that he is talking about. But then came the Anzu, Xperia X10’s successor-but it was also nothing to really special, after all it’s never a high end phone with those mediocre specs. So what is Sony Ericsson upto? What is their plan for year 2011?
With release of Android 3.0, Honeycomb which is especially for Android tablets, how would Sony Ericsson gain market and hold it’s grip on the Mobile Phones?

If you go by the rumors Sony Ericsson is set to launch 4 Phones in the First quarter next year, which might or might not include the above said phones-PSP Phone & Xperia X10’s Successor-Anzu. So what the other phones would be? As i’ve told you that Sony Ericsson sent out the Press Event that would kick start the MWC 2011 would reveal new members to the Xperia Family. Just like previous year they are going to start by announcing their new portfolio for year 2011 in a press event just a day before MWC starts to keep the buzz throughout the MWC.
Sony Ericsson won’t let their flagship Phone before that day for sure like they did for the Mini, Mini Pro & Vivaz Pro. As Eldar said, there would be an upgrade of Mini’s with bigger Screen Size & Android to find the perfect size in Low or Mid End Phones. But then again it’s more of a speculation than a leak by Eldar and overall even if thats true( which could be as Sony Ericsson would definitely like to get more out of their Human Curvature Design ) it would be Mid end phone, so where is the Flagship phone by Sony Ericsson? Again it would be speculation and rumors, nothing is clear at this point but if you believe rumors from esato, the portfolio for Sony Ericsson would be some what like,

– fast update for android phones – We Actually need this!
– no wp7 – Strange!
– more Accessories for android phones – Live View is awesome btw!
– 3D , hd ” high resolution ” displays / 2011
– more surprise / 2011
– pico-progector with autofocus / 2011 see patents
Qriocityโ„ข for android / 2011
– ps phones / 2011
– Exmor R , 16 mp with full hd record 1080p / 2011 – Doesn’t seem likely for 2011 at least!
– full Arabic support / 2011 – Sony Ericsson Product blog was already dropping hints about this lately!
– face recognition on videos / 2011 – Hmm..I would love this.
– dualcore / 2011 – Xperia Duo?
– holo… /2011-2012 ” can’t talk more ”
– some announced the beginning of 2011

If you are really got intrigued about the 2nd last statement, then i’ve something more about it to discuss. Enjoy the Video for now. ๐Ÿ™‚

The last phone is a canceled A2 Uniquely Swivel Designed Phone codenamed Resse. But if you look at the technology it tried to display in the resse was the 3D Hologram we saw this year at the MWC-Sony Ericsson used this to advertise Xperia X10. and if we have to believe this source from Esato, then it’s coming in sony Ericsson by Next year. ๐Ÿ˜€ Too good to be true? Well not actually, check this video,

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