Tutorial:How to get Arabic & Farsi Fonts on your Rooted Xperia X10-Step by Step Guide

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for this tutorial on how to get Arabic Fonts on Xperia X10. As Sony Ericsson has not yet included in any of their updates, so it’s quite difficult for Arabic Xperia X10 owners. There are a few methods to get the Arabic font on Xperia X10, but that would only change the fonts in Xperia X10 overall. You won’t see the differences in Browser or the Right to left indentation. But don’t worry, this tutorial would definitely make your Xperia X10 understand Arabic. 🙂

Okay before i begin i would like to remind you that this tutorial needs you to change some system files and if not done correctly could damage your OS and you’ll have to re-install everything. Please follow the steps carefully and make sure you understand what you are doing. You’ll be responsible for whatever you do to your phone. This is not to discourage you but to remind you that you should be extra careful in following the steps given below. Make sure you read through the end of the tutorial carefully before you actually begin trying it on your phone. 🙂

How to get Arabic Fonts on your Rooted Xperia X10

You’ll need :
– Rooted Xperia X10 : Follow the easiest Step by Step tutorial to root your Xperia X10

– Root Explorer : Download it from Market

– Arabic Fonts & System Files : Download

Steps to get Arabic & Farsi Fonts on your Xperia X10 :
– As said before, this can damage your system if not done correctly. So make a backup of all the things using a good backup app.
– Extract the Arabic Fonts & System Files on your SD Card within any folder so that you can easily find it using Root Explorer. ( Downloaded Arabic & Farsi Fonts will have two folders ‘font’ & ‘lib’. Font folder has one file that is used to change the font on the system. and Lib folder has 3 files that is use to change the right to left indentation and other tid bits to get the Arabic support throughout the system )
– Open Root Explorer, go to the extracted files folder and Copy ” DroidSansFallback ” and paste it to ” system/fonts “. It will ask if you want to replace the current one. Hit Replace. (You might have to hit the “Mount R/W” button at the top to mount it as read/write.)
– Now Copy ” libskiagl.so ” and paste it to ” system/lib ” and hit replace.
– Now Copy ” libwebcore.so ” and paste it to ” system/lib ” and hit replace.
– And finally Copy ” libskia.so ” to ” system/lib ” and hit replace. ( Although you need to copy files to the same destination, don’t copy all of them together, it will cause it to restart and hence brick your phone. So please do it one by one. )
– Restart the Phone and you’ll have the Arabic Xperia X10. Enjoy! 😀

It works perfectly Arabic everywhere, except Gmail Subject email list and notification bar( and or at few places ). Well this will completely change your Xperia X10 with Arabic Fonts. So if you want just to read in Arabic and write in English. Skip the second step where you copy the Arabic Font File in the System/Fonts. 🙂
Let us know if you face problems following the tutorial above. Just a reminder again, over-writing the files may sometimes cause your system to restart, and if that happens you’ll have to re-install the firmware again. So please make a backup of everything before you follow this tutorial.

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8 thoughts on “Tutorial:How to get Arabic & Farsi Fonts on your Rooted Xperia X10-Step by Step Guide

  1. I just want Arabic support on my X10 so that I can read Arabic text messages that I receive from companies. I want the rest of my phone to still remain in English. Should the above procedure work for it? So I need to omit something from the above? Thanks

  2. I want arabic cupport on my X10 so that I can read Arabic text messages that I receive on my phone. I want the rest of the phone to remain totally English. Do I need to omit anything from the above? Thanks

  3. Help!
    Root Explorer shows that the files are being replaced but I think that they’re not.
    I can see from the modfication date of the files that they were not replaced.
    Should I try delete the old files and paste the new ones?
    Will it be safe??

  4. Root explorer shows that the files have been replace but I don’t think so.
    I can see from the creation date of the files that the old ones are still in place.
    Should I try to replace the files by deleting the old ones and pasting the new ones?
    Is it safe??

  5. Manish, hi, do you know of any mobile middleware? I need to find information on it and I’m trying to find a link between it and Android? Can you perhaps help?


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