Playstation Phone Xperia Play shot running PSP Games on PSP Emulator for Android-Video

There has been several leaks now for the Xperia Play or the Playstation phone. Sony Ericsson haven’t announced it yet officially but from the leaks that have emerged from all parts of the world, we can definitely say this one has not been faked. 😉

Now this video with Xperia Play running some third party app ( probably a PSP emulator ) running PSP game. Guess, the PSP app for Xperia play has not been finalized yet. We are expecting the announcement of Xperia Play in MWC 2011 with launch being around late Q2 & starting Q3. 🙂 No words/rumors on Price yet, but expect it cost around 600USD unlocked.

The device, branded Xperia Play, closely resembles the PSPgo and is shown in a video running Resident Evil 2 and Rage Racer, the third game in the Ridge Racer series.

Interestingly both games appear to be running through an emulator – the phone shows a menu titled ROM Buddy, and the games are launched through BIN files, images ripped from the original discs, which suggests the Xperia Play has PS1 emulation built in.

Enjoy the video for now,

The Video doesn’t show prove it point, i mean the game quality is no where close to any other android phone leave alone the PSP consoles. The game is not full screen either. But i guess we can accuse PSP emulator for all of those. So, the million dollar question would be, can Sony Ericsson tweak the PSP app in android to match that level of the consoles? Or would it be laggy and slow like the Timescape and Mediascape?
I mean they already have the bar raised with PSP consoles and everyones gonna compare this Playstation phone, Xperia Play with PSP’s. So, theres a lot to be done to make this a super phone. 🙂
Btw, will you buy the Xperia Play or are you happy with no phone functionalities on your PSP?

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