Tutorial : Install Custom Rom’s Using Recovery on rooted Xperia X10-Froyo & Gingerbread

There are a lot of custom Rom’s for Xperia X10 now, thanks to the XDA Devs’s. Although none of them are actually stable and has all the functions working, yet it is worth to try out the awesomeness of those pretty cool custom roms. 🙂

I will try to write a general tutorial on how to install Custom Rom’s on Xperia X10 rather than making individual tutorials for different custom rom’s. If you feel like there’s a rom that doesn’t install with the given tutorial, let me know. And always remember to make a backup of your current rom using the Nandroid Backup. It will backup the whole system image with data and everything. You can restore your Xperia X10 to the backed up image anytime using Recovery.

We will be using the FreeX10 Beta2 Froyo 2.2.1 Custom Rom by zdzihu in the tutorial below. It is the most stable rom and almost all the functions working properly, except the Video Recorder and camera doesn’t work in all the apps. This Rom includes a hotfixes and gapps to be applied after installing the Custom Rom. Hotfixes are the minor bug updates and gapps is the Google apps pack that includes apps like Android Market, Gmail, Google Search, Gtalk, Youtube, etc. But this is not the same for all the Custom Rom’s.
Many Custom Roms have all the Google Apps inbuilt and you need not install it otherwise. And there might be or might not be any hotfixes for other Custom Rom’s for Xperia X10. 🙂

Warning : The tutorial below includes flashing your phone and flashing is a risky process and could brick your phone and might make it completely un-usable if not done correctly. You should understand what you are doing and the risk involved. You’ll be responsible for anything you do to your phone. Flashing could also void your warranty.

Note : So please read the tutorial carefully and completely before proceeding to actually try it on your phone. Understand each step before trying it out and if you find something that you can’t understand how to do with, ask me in the comments section and will try to help you on it.
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How to Install Custom Rom’s on rooted Xperia X10

You’ll Need :

– Rooted Xperia X10 : Follow the Easiest Root Method to root your Xperia X10 with Latest Android 2.1, Eclair Firmware.

– Custom Rom – FreeX10 Beta2 Froyo 2.2.1 by zdzihu : Download Latest Android 2.2, Froyo Custom Rom for Xperia X10

– XRecovery V0.2 Release : Follow step by step guide on how to install Recovery on Xperia X10

– Multitouch Kernel : Follow this easy step by step guide to Install Multitouch Kernel on Xperia X10

Steps to Install Custom Froyo Rom on rooted Xperia X10 with Multi-touch Enabled :
– Make sure you have installed xRecovery by zdzihu on your Xperia X10 and it is working. Press Any button at the startup just after you see Sony Ericsson for the first time on your screen.
– If it boots in Recovery, then follow the next steps or please follow this easy step by step guide to install Recovery on your Xperia X10. 🙂
– Place the Downloaded Custom Rom in the root folder of your SD Card ( not inside any other folder ) and reboot into recovery.
– After you boot in Recovery, make a backup of your current ROM to ensure that you don’t loose your data and current state of your rom and can always reverse back to this rom if you don’t like the Custom Rom.
– Go to BackUp & Restore by Volume Up & Down button on right side your Xperai X10 and Select it by pressing the Center of home button at the bottom of your screen. Now again select Backup and it will start backing up your Current Rom. ( First the System Data and then the User Data )

– After it finishes the BackUp, you will return to the homescreen of Recovery and will also get a confirmation message that the backup is complete.
– Now select the Install Custom Zip and then again select install custom zip ( not the update zip ) in the second window.

– By using volume up & down keys, select the Custom Rom that you placed in the root folder of your SD Card. ( generally it’s at the bottom, so hit the volume up key to reach instantly to it )
– It will start installing the custom Rom on your phone. Once finished successfully, it will show you a message that the custom zip is applied successfully.
– Thats it! Reboot your phone and enjoy the Custom Rom. 🙂 😀

Well, most of the custom roms can be installed using this tutorial but a few Custom ROM’s for Xperia X10 like this one FreeX10 Beta2 Froyo 2.2.1 has an extra component to it as well. The default Rom doesn’t include any of the google apps like Android Market, Gmail, Google Talk, Youtube, etc. To install it, you’ll have to download that component and re-do the tutorial ( except for the backing up Current ROM part ).

How to install Gapps and hotfixes on Custom ROM’s
– Download Gapps and Hotfixes for your Custom Rom ( if any ) and place it at the root folder of your SD Card
– Install the Custom Rom using the tutorial above.
– Reboot your phone into the Custom Rom and once again reboot into recovery.
– Select Apply Custom Zip -> Apply Custom Zip -> Gapps.zip
– Reboot into Rom and once gain reboot into recovery.
– Select Apply Custom Zip -> Apply Custom Zip -> Hotfix.zip
– Reboot your phone and enjoy! 😀 ( If there are more than one Hotfixes for your Custom Rom then please do it separately, and don’t apply those hotfixes at once in the recovery. It might stuck your Xperia X10 in a boot loop.

How to troubleshoot the boot loop at startup after installing a Custom Rom
– Reboot into recovery and do a Factory Reset ( Full Wipe ) and confirm it in the next screen.
– Go to Wipe Cache Partition and select it and confirm it in the next window.
– Go to Advanced Options -> Wipe Dalvik cache -> Confirm
– Now Follow the tutorial above to install the Custom Rom on your Xperia X10. ( except for the Backing up part )

Although, i’ve tried to pen down all the steps carefully and appropriately for even first time users, you might find a it a bit tough if you are really new at this and in that case i would strongly suggest you to please clear your doubts regarding installing recovery on your phone and using it on Xperia Family Phones, by asking me the comments section( I’ll definitely reply by max 24hrs ). And please read the tutorial carefully.
Do let us know your best Custom Rom. Feel Free to let us know know your Opinion about the same in the comments section! 🙂 Stay tuned for further updates on Android 2.1, Eclair for Xperia X10. Do Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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