..and we are back! GTS back with Gadgets | Discuss-Forum for all your Mobile Appetite

..and we are back! Gadgets | Technology Simplified ( GTS ) blog has been pretty active in the past & has tried to create a community for gadget lovers. But things were not good since January and we were into a fix. We were attacked by many spammers and people who wanted to take over the blog for it’s popularity and other reasons. So, many of you might have noticed slow downs and other difficulties in accessing the site. Even i had a hard time in accessing the blog.
I tried my level best to keep the attackers out of it, but couldn’t. And due to my hectic schedule, i had to leave it for a few months.
But now things are back normal ( almost ), m still cleaning things and covering security holes at my end. I promise to make this blog more lively than what is was before. Your suggestions are always welcome. 🙂

When I started this blog, my aim was to simplify the ever expanding technology in our lives. But, this somehow everything concentrated towards the Sony Ericsson and Xperia X10. We had tutorials, tips & tricks, news, reviews, rumors, leaks, app reviews, etc. But this time around, things would be different. Not too much of what we were having on the blog, we still would be having tutorials, news, reviews, tips & tricks, customizations, rumors, leaks, app reviews, game reviews, best buy, comparisons, downloads, custom roms, developments, etc BUT not only for Sony Ericsson and their Xperia Line of products. We would try to cover almost all the Android, Win7, Symbian ( yes even Symbian! ) devices, be it tablets or smartphones or low end phones. The aim is to create a platform for all your mobile appetite this time.

I can hear your voice that you need to discuss about everything and it shouldn’t be just me talking about technology and mobile devices here at the GTS Blog. So, i’ve also set a discussion forum for all your needs. I announce the launch of Gadgets | Discuss.

Gadgets | Discuss - A Discussion portal for all your Mobile Appetite
Gadgets | Discuss - A Discussion portal for all your Mobile Appetite

I’m still in the process of setting it up. So if you face any problems or glitches in accessing it, please let me know. There are no rules as of yet to access this discussion forum, but will have it as we go along. Although, there are a few points that you need to consider before joining our discussion forum,
– To counter Spam, you need to be approved by a moderator for your FIRST post. Don’t panic!
– This would be a discussion forum, where you can share, download, discuss, engage, get help, learn and help others.
– Spamming & Advertising would result in permanent ban!
– Do not flame! Respect others opinions. Gadgets | Discuss is a place for all to learn, if you know something you can always help others.
– Do not post links to Paid apps, we do not support piracy in any form.
– You can always suggest us to improve Users experience at the Gadgets | Discussion forum. If you don’t like anything, do let us know about it.
– Gadgets | Discuss will be maintained by GTS blog owners for now. We will let you know about requirement of Moderators for each forum. This would be only after we are done with setting the forum completely. Watch out for this space & announcement at Gadgets | Discuss.
– ..nothing more as of now, or i guess i don’t remember to put it up here. For any other questions, do ask about it in the comments section. 🙂

Go and register now at Gadgets | Discuss,

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