Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini & Mini Pro supports Multitouch-Official Review Video Confirms

There has been a buzz around relatively popular technology sites about a comment from Sony Ericsson Rep at their Youtube Channel about Sony Ericsson Mini & Pro not having multitouch capabilities. Just that single comment made the rumor mill go high and this spread like anything in all the technology blogs. Here’s a screenshot of what the Sony Ericsson Rep said at their Youtube channel.
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini and Mini Pro to not Support Multitouch Rumor on Comment by SE Rep at Youtube

This all started by a huge mistake or i should say mis-understading between similar names of the Xperia X10 Mini ( 2010 Xperia Series ) with Xperia Mini ( 2011 Xperia Series ) and similarly Xperia X10 Mini Pro with Xperia Mini Pro. But a rather popular blog about Xperia Series ( Xperiablog ) took it to greater heights and made a post on their blog about New Xperia Mini & Pro ( to be launched ) will not support Multi-touch just based on that single comment by SE Rep at their Youtube Channel. This was so un-professional from Xperiablog team.
Anyways, Sony Ericsson Rep had to stop this rumor from spreading which might affect their sales by a huge margin, so they did comment on the Xperiablog to clarify things and point out the mistake or confusion created by that comment. Here’s a screenshot of what he said on the Xperiablog,

[ad]People are still speculating, that this comment at Xperiablog can be from a fake account and there is no official word from Sony Ericsson yet. You can now imagine how rumors spread and how these blogs spill oil in such fires to spread. Anyways, heres a official video by SE that confirms Xperia Mini & Pro will have Multitouch. And i guess theres no reason Sony Ericsson would leave it this time after having so much of user interest in it last year in their 2010 Xperia Lineup.

Official Review Video that confirms Xperia Mini & Pro Supports Multitouch

Xperia Mini & Pro will launch with Facebook Inside Xperia that makes it a great social entertainer. Read more about it here.
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