Best Buy options for Samsung Galaxy S2 in New Delhi-Cheap Price + Free Accessories

I got my new Samsung Galaxy S2 from New Delhi at just 29500INR ~660USD ( thats on June 5th 2011 ). Samsung India decided to launch the New Galaxy S2 here in New Delhi on 4th and ( probably ) gave exclusive rights to Spice Hotspot for selling it for now. I say probably, as it’s available all over Delhi & NCR with all Spice Hotspot retailers and a few other retailers who are selling it around the MRP of the handset which is 32890INR.

Okay, there has been a lot of confusion regarding how Samsung Galaxy S2 would launch and start rolling out to the Retailers here in India. When Samsung Launched Galaxy S2 in New Delhi on May 25th, they said it would be available with Vodafone for first week from June 3rd 2011 to June 9th 2011 exclusively and then other retailers can sell it across India. Even the Pre-booking at Letsbuy ( referred by Official Samsung Site ) said, it would ship only after June 9th. But somewhere, something went wrong and it all started rolling out in India from June 2nd in Mumbai and Pune, with random retailers for around 30500INR. Infact till date Vodafone is clueless about Samsung Galaxy S2( it might be only at my Vodafone Store ). And soon after that almost everywhere in India it was readily available for around 30500INR. And to add to confusion, Letsbuy started shipping on June 4th 2011.

For your Reference the Indian Version of Samsung Galaxy S2 is having,
Maximum Retail Price – MRP = 32890INR
Maximum Offer Price – MOP = 30500INR
Display Price – DP = 29900INR

Well nothing to worry on our side. We are getting what we need( i guess we need higher discounts & at the earliest, Isn’t? 🙂 ) and we didn’t even want Vodafone to brand the phone in whatsoever way they wanted. And yeah, vodafone & Letsbuy were selling it at MRP 32890INR with some accessories like HDTV adapter, Car Charger, Screen Protector & Protective Case and vodafone was offering Free 1Gb 3G data for 6months. And with what users have got from Letsbuy, they are not at all satisfied with the Accessories provided by them.
Well, if you are still looking to buy Samsung Galaxy S2 then i’ve got some good news for you. I can arrange the Best Deal for you. But it’s only available in New Delhi. Sorry. And it needs to be Group buy to get a price lower than 29500INR. Else, Let me know in the comments if you want to buy it for 29500INR in New Delhi. And if all of you are interested in a group buy, i can confirm it to be 29300INR for now and if members increase, the price might come close to 29k or even lower. Totally depends on the no. of buyers. First slot has 4 members in the group buy, who are going to buy it tomorrow evening. If you want to add yourself in that group buy, let us know in the comments and if you miss this group buy, we will arrange another group buy for the total no of members.

For Best Buy Samsung Group Buy in New Delhi on June 7th 2011-Evening : First Batch
[ad]- You’ll get Brand New Indian SGS2 at 29300INR* with Authentic Bill
– You’ll get standard Samsung Galaxy S2 Box with Pouch + Charger + Data Cable + Earphones + Extra Earphone Buds + Manuals
– Screen Protector**
– You need to give your names and location by 12PM tonight. Only Give your names, if you are absolutely sure to buy it from this group buy offer.
– I’m arranging it from the hotspot dealer i bought it from. I’ve no link with him nor would i hold any responsibility for after purchase issues. Hotspot or Samsung should be held responsible. There won’t be any issues anyways. You can fully check your handset for Pink Spot, Dead/Stuck Pixels or any other issues before you take it home with you.

( * = If any of the member drop from the deal, price would be 29500INR
** = If any member drop out, this can not be guaranteed. )

[ Update ] : If you are having problems in leaving a comment below, you can mail your confirmation at Don’t post any confirmation after 11:59AM IST – June 7th 2011

[Update 2 ] : This is now closed! The retailer is in no mood to negotiate as for the high demands for this handset. He is easily selling more than 10 Samsung Galaxy S2 in a day and that too at a Price of 30500INR.

If you have any questions regarding this or the Samsung Galaxy S2, let me know in the comments section. 🙂 I’m just trying to get the best deal out of hotspot dealers. I’m not a dealer or anything related and m doing this just to help you guys get a good deal. Nor m trying to rip off any other deal that you might be currently interested in. You are free to do anything you like. You can ask the hotspot dealer i’ll recommend for buying or any other about this price and if he agrees let us know. We will try to push them even further. 😀

Hope you get a good deal. I’ll soon publish my first Impressions of the Indian Samsung Galaxy S2. BTW, theres no NFC on my unit or any way i can check if the NFC ( NXP chip ) is there. I don’t want to rip my new SGS2 apart yet. But soon, enough that will happen as well. 😀 😛

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11 thoughts on “Best Buy options for Samsung Galaxy S2 in New Delhi-Cheap Price + Free Accessories

    1. @ Rishi & Sahil – I couldn’t get to talk to him, his cell is switched off. Most probably he takes leave on Tuesday. If you want to buy it for 29500INR you can always buy it from Spice Hotspot, West Patel Nagar. Just quote my boss’s name “Manish” when say, they can’t give it for less than 30k. 😀 It isn’t a bad deal? Is it? If you want to wait for a better deal, you can wait till tomorrow or until i get to talk to him. No promises though! Just keep checking back.

      1. I would be interested in buying the phone. I spoke to hotspot west patel nagar and they are not ready to give it for less than 30.5k.

  1. Brought the samsung galaxy s2 for 28704 in chennai…
    first impressions
    screen in really rocking… superb…
    the world amoled has been spelt on the box as amolded…shabby job…
    the rest is quite smooth…

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