Exclusive-Download Latest KE8 Firmware & Kernel for Samsung Galaxy S2-Changelog & Review

Samsung released Galaxy S2 in India with Pre-installed KE8 firmware which seemed to have fixed almost all the issues people were facing on the latest KE7 firmware for galaxy S2 in European countries. So, i thought to make it available for everyone to flash it with Odin3. So now you can download an untouched copy the Latest KE8 firmware & Kernel downloaded straight from Samsung Servers. 🙂

But before that, here’s a small comparison of KE7 and KE8 firmware. It’s from a user who just flashed KE8 firmware and was using Litening Rom on KE7. Here’s what he has to say after using it for a couple of hours.

By jojo2peter from XDA

– When wifi is turned on, and doesn’t have any signal, the wifi icon disappears and the H,3G etc. Signal appears.

– Right after i’ve flashed the KE8 rom, samsung apps suggested me to install “a new update”. Has been a camera update from the 8 of June (yesterday). Didn’t notice any improvements yet. (how do i get info about the cam firmware? dont wanna look for the code now

– the phone seems to be smoother, and there are more animations (i gues, i don’t know, maybe the animations had been removed in the litening rom)

– while i’m typing this, the brightness changes the whole time between bright and dark… Maybe because my thumb is flying about the sensor. It switches only between 2 brihtness values, maybe its a bug.

– after 3 hours of being in standby, it still had 100%. Also it ain’t getting hot while browsing or using other light apps. Maybe the battery has been improved

Didn’t notice more than that. My screen have never beem yellow and the wifi bar bug is still there, also the awaking bug.

I only disagree on his Lockscreen Delay bug, It’s not there at all. It’s like my SGS2 senses when i need to unlock it. 😛 Other than that, it’s more fluid and fast. Battery life seemed to be more improved as well. 🙂
Okay, without making you to wait more for it, lets jump on to download links and then install it on your own Galaxy S2 to report back what it is like. 🙂

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Download Untouched Copy of KE8 Firmware Straight from Samsung Servers

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Password : gadgets.apnafundaz.com

KE8 Kernel : Download

Do let us know how it behaves on your SGS2? And if it feels any different than KE7 or whatever firmware was on your phone. If you are unsure on how to flash it with Odin, follow this tutorial of flashing through Odin, just use the whole dot tar file instead of kernel file in the tutorial and flash it as PDA. Don’t select Re-Partition. And if you face any problem, let us know though comments section. 🙂 Do join us on Facebook & twitter for latest updates,

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3 thoughts on “Exclusive-Download Latest KE8 Firmware & Kernel for Samsung Galaxy S2-Changelog & Review

  1. Hello, tank you for the firmware. Y root my sgs2 and now y have on kernel version ke8 , gut on build number y still have ke2. Have y done something wrong? Luci

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