Tips & Tricks: Out of the Box guide for Samsung Galaxy S2-Tests to check faulty SGS2

When you buy a new phone, what do you do with it just after buying it?
– Check out the most interesting part in the phone?
– NFC? 😛
– Click a photo?
– Put a screen guard?
– Or check if it is free from any manufacturing defects or any software bug that might lead you to immediately run to the service center?

If you are going to buy Samsung Galaxy S2 or have recently bought it from somewhere, you need to check if you have a non-faulty unit on your hands which is free from manufacturing defects or not? There have been many complaints for Yellow tint in the SAMOLED plus screen which is one of the main features on Samsung Galaxy S2. You can also get a defective unit where your screen might have Dead Pixels or Stuck Pixels. These are super annoying, i tell you! And with something like SAMOLED Plus screens, you are going to even notice a single Dead Pixel.
And more over, there are issues like Pink spot in Camera, Lock Screen Wake UP Delay, Heavy Banding on Gradient colors which are software related, still you need to know what you are getting.

Here’s a quick list of things you need to check just after you buy your Samsung Galaxy S2,

– Heavy Banding on Colors
This is somewhat disappointing but again a software issue and i won’t recommend you to ask for a replacement if you get this issue on your SGS2. There is a heavy banding of colors in a gradient image wherever on your phone. It’s like ruining the whole joy of SAMOLED plus screen. You would normally see such banding on 16bit colors, but this one is should be 24-bit dithered colors.
To check for it, you need to browse to this webpage to see the amount of gradient on your phone,

I guess, this has been improved to a level in KE8 firmware but it’s still there and you can’t help but expect a software solution from Samsung in the Next Android 2.3.4 Update.

– Dead Pixel & Stuck Pixel Test
To check for the deal pixel or stuck pixel on your device punch this code in the dialer ( Use Samsung Default dialer ),
It would pop up a LCD Screen Test Menu on your screen, like the screenshot below. It itself contains a lot of test. You can do all of them but the top three would ensure that there are no dead or stuck pixels. Dead or stuck pixels would be always black dot on the screen no matter what color you choose.
[ad] LCD Screen Test on SGS2-tips-tricks-out-of-the-box-guide-for-samsung-galaxy-s2-tests-to-check-faulty-sgs2-lcd-yellow-tint-issues-dead-pixel

– Pink Spot Camera Test
You need to fire up the awesome camera on your new Galaxy S2. Try taking a picture of completely white paper. If you notice a pink spot in the center of the pic, ( You need to look closely! ) then theres a chance that your phone has the pink spot issue. Don’t panic if it has. It’s a software issue and it has been wiped out in the latest firmware release (KE7 for global & KE8 for Generic Indian Versions ). So, if you have the Pink Spot issue, replacing it with other handset won’t help your condition. Check in the Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number. If it’s not KE7 or KE8, you will most probably get a update when you connect it with your computer. Check out the Video Below to understand the Pink spot issue.

– Yellow Tint Test
This is actaully not an issue, if you ask me. It is over hyped by tech blogs and few people who think they will always use this phone in a dark room. If you don’t know how to look for this, you would probably never come to know, that it was even there. You need to turn SGS2 brightness to zero and then open any gray pic or web page ( or even the notification bar does the trick ) and now take your phone into dark. And look at the lower left of the phone, you might notice a slight yellow tint. Yes the keyword is slight yellow tint. Well, i couln’t find it yet on my phone. But if it’s there on your phone, you might find it if you visit this web page, ( specifically created for this test )

Post your screenshots if you find the Yellow tint on your SGS2. People who got the Indian SGS2 are also claming that there is a slight yellow tint, so i can’t say that Indian SGS2 might not be having this problem. And if it really has then it might have to do something with SAMOLED Plus Screen. Anyways, it won’t affect your daily life usage of the phone for any matter.

Okay enough of Testing with the phone. Go and enjoy your new phone. 🙂 Or if you planning to buy one, check out the best buy options in New Delhi for buying Indian Version of Brand New Samsung Galaxy S2 with Proper warranty and Bill in New DelhiWill post some more tips and tricks to get the most out of it. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff for your New Galaxy S2. And in between, if you have any doubt or facing a problem doing something on your phone. Let us know, we will solve it for you. Ask your questions in the comments section. Do join us on Facebook & twitter to get regular updates,

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8 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: Out of the Box guide for Samsung Galaxy S2-Tests to check faulty SGS2

  1. Hi,

    I have been facing the issue where my galaxy s2 become very hot at times. Too hot to take any call. I took that to service center and they refund my money.. Now I am confused if it is the major flaw in the design.

  2. I bought SGS2 on 12th June. Everything is fine except the annoying tiny balck dot on camera pictures and videos that are taken from the 8MP camera. The dot appears on the Lower left hand side. Kindly let me know what is this problem.

  3. KE7 Does NOT solve pink/red spot issue. This is a hardware issue and as far as I know it has never been solved on ANY phone it happens on. The Galaxy S2 is not the only phone with this issue though

  4. Hello.
    I have bought my new samsung galaxy s2.
    I really have the yellowish tint problam, and I didn’t understand whether it’s a hardware or system problam. Will it be solved on system updates?

    Galaxy S2 i9100T
    Android Version: 2.3.3
    Baseband Version: i9100TDCKF1
    Kernel Version:
    root@dell101 #2
    Build Number: Gingerbread.DCKF4
    Stock Rom

  5. I have a new one for the internet – I couldn’t find this problem listed ANYWHERE:

    Ordered an SGSII for AT&T, finally got it, open it up and put the battery/sim card in, plug in the USB cable and plug it in….

    aaaand… a little grey battery icon, with a circle of black-white gradient (almost like a “status” circle that never moves) flashes on the screen every 5 seconds. I figure it’s charging, give it about 30 mins…

    Decide to turn it on, to check it out… press the power button. The touch buttons at the bottom of the screen flash for just a millisecond, then turn off, then….. nothing.

    Doesn’t matter how long I hold the power button down. Checked the battery, it’s in and the contacts are secure. If I take the battery out, the grey battery goes away. But no matter what, I can’t turn the thing on, period.

    It’s been over two hours of charging, and I’ve read around… this is not normal, no one mentions being forced to charge for hours before being able to turn on, and there’s no technical reason to require that. A dead give away it’s not even charging is that the battery is not even warm. The screen just flashing every 5 seconds is warmer than the battery.

    AT&T is stupid and useless. First they said “Okay you must have a Samsung Galaxy S” and I told them “No, it’s an S TWO” took reading them the full phone serial to figure it out. Then after 5 minutes, they come back and tell me to let it charge for 8-12 hours, then try again.
    Right. They don’t even know what an SII is… I hate incompetent people who can’t just admit they don’t know what’s going on.

    Very frustrating, and I haven’t seen anyone else having this issue anywhere on the internet so I hope some people will see this and know they’re not the only ones with a defective AT&T phone..

  6. Good day, I have experienced problem with the screen on Galaxy S II …..there is little white dot (about 1 mm in diameter) on the left site of the screen, it is more visible on bright colors, its kind of anoying sometimes so i am just curious if anyone else is having this problem or not ….thank you

  7. (Im from Canada) I brought galaxy s 4g about half a month ago. Today when I try to use the camera, there’s a yellow spot in the middle. I searched online and found that some galaxy user has this same issue (some has pink spot instead). I can’t belive this problem exist more than a year ago but samsung has not fix it. I have the phone more than two weeks now, dunno if they will still fix or exchange for me 🙁

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