Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Launch in India as Galaxy Tab750 on Aug 10th-Watch live webcast-Price & Pre-Order Offers Soon

Were you not waiting for the Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1 to launch in India? I mean seriously the best Android tablet out there and the first serious competitor to iPad2 in both performance and looks was not yet available inย  India. I was following it since was announced & Showcased in MWC 2011 – Galaxy Tab 10.1 Special Edition ( The one with designed back cover sporting 8mp camera ). It was then re-designed to meet some market requirements (iPad2 you see! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). It was launched in the US starting from june 7th on Best Buy and was available nation wide from june 17th. That was Galaxy Tab 10.1 wi-fi version only. Galaxy Tab 10.1 3g version is also available in countries like Italy, korea and Sweden. A vodafone special Galaxy Tab 10.1 is also available and is marketed as Galaxy Tab 10.1v.
Recently Verizon wireless in US also launched the first 4g aka LTE tablet on planet, the LTE version of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and guess it what, it got staggering download & upload speeds of 35-42Mbps/25Mbps.

So we already have seen quite a no of variants of Galaxy tab 10.1 around the world. Now samsung is going to launch another variant of Galaxy Tab 10.1 especially for Indian market – Galaxy Tab 750. ๐Ÿ™‚ Although i’m overjoyed with this annoucement but this variant thing is confusing me.
Anyways expect this Samsung Galaxy tab 750 to be 3g version with both white and grey color available in both 16 & 32gb versions. All other things should be the same as of the global Samsung Tab 10.1.
If you dont know yet about the Galaxy Tab 10.1, it is the successor of Galaxy Tab by samsung with updates all around- screen got bigger from 7 to 10.1Inches with a mind blowing resolution on 1280×800 for a tablet. It sports a 1ghz dual-coreย  Tegra2 processor running the latest Android 3.1 ( okay the latest is 3.2, but 3.2 is released too recently and we will get the update anyways. ). It also has a UI skin on top of Android Honeycomb-Touchwiz 4.0, making it 1000times more efficient and user friendly. ( More about Touchwiz 4.0 for Honeycomb later. ) It also sports a 3mp camera with flash at the back which can record videos in 720p Hd reaolution for you and 2mp camera at the front for video calling. On connectivity options it supports HSPA+ speeds of upto 21Mbps, Bluetooth 3.0, DLNA, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n( supporting both standard frequencies ), USB 2.0 with USB on the Go feature ( connect any pen drive directly on your galaxy Tab 10.1 with a USB adapter-More on USB adapter & other accesories later for Galaxy Tab 10.1 ). Samsung is also providing a Samsung stick which is bluetooth microphone can be tucked as a pen in your pocket and a sub-woofer for your Galaxy Tab 750 in India. That would be Interesting, isn’t it?

What else, yes it has got a staggering 6860mAh battery to give you a battery life of 9hrs-impressive. ๐Ÿ™‚ Btw, did i tell you that this power packed tqblet is the thinnest tablet in thw world with just 8.66mm measurements-comparable to pencil’s thickness & yet it is lighter than iPad2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Launch in India as Galaxy Tab750 on Aug 10th-Watch live webcast-Price & Pre-Order Offers Soon

Well there is a lot to reveal by Samsung India on its launch on Aug 10th. And guess what, they are streaming it live for all of us. You can watch the live streaming of launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab750 on Aug 10th from 12pm to 2pm. You can watch it here below and the streaming will start at 2PM IST. Don’t Miss it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have any question about the Galaxy Tab750 for India, shoot them in the comments section. ๐Ÿ™‚
To know about price of samsung Galaxy Tab750 and best buy offers stay tuned. I’ll update you with price and availabilty of Galaxy Tab750 in major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune & kolkata. There will also be pre-booking of Galaxy Tab 750 starting from today with attractive offers like free Samsung stick and sub-woofer mentioned above. Following the trend of Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone, you might also get exciting offers from vodafone. MRP of Samsung Galaxy Tab750 is expected to be around 34550INR( but that is my speculation to say the least – samsung will reveal price of Galaxy Tab750 in the launch today ) So dont miss the launch. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned for further updates on Galaxy Tab750, exciting offer, best buy, pre-booking offers and latest news and reviews of Galaxy Tab 750 for India. You can follow me on

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