My First Impressions of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India-Touchwiz Experience-Review

Well, you know Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1 is launched in India as TAb 750. To read more about it, please read the launch of Galaxy Tab 750 in India. Samsung recently( a couple of days ago ) started the sale of Galaxy Tab 750 in India and you can get it for around 33,500INR from various Samsung Smartphone outlets in your city. I didn’t have the patience to wait for the Samsung to launch it in India, so i got the Wi-Fi version of Galaxy Tab 10.1 from US. There’s not much difference between the one i got and the one which is launched in India, except for the India Tab 750 version is the 3G one. I went to the Samsung store in New Delhi to experience the new Galaxy Tab 750 and can pretty much confirm that there are no difference between the global 3G version and this one. ( I still wonder what drives the naming convention for samsung ). So bear in mind there might be slight difference if you compare my review with the Galaxy Tab 750 as mine is the wi-fi version only!

I was too excited for the galaxy tab 10.1 and why not it’s the best Android Tablet out there. I say “best Android tablet”, coz few people will still argue that this can’t beat iPad 2. But to me, it beats iPad2 in a lot of daily use cases and iPad2 also beats Galaxy Tab 750 in few dimensions. I won’t go into detail of those as its out of scope for this writeup, but will surely come up with a iPad2 vs Galaxy Tab 750. 🙂 So, i got the Galaxy Tab 10.1 wi-fi version from US. It was a difficult choice initially when i had to choose from Galaxy Tab 10.1 wi-fi and 3G and then the next choice was when i had to choose between the 16gb and 32gb versions. Well, my choices narrowed down when i got more familiar with the features of Galaxy Tab 10.1.

I thought, why do i need the 3G Version, I don’t want to make calls from this 10.1 Inch device anyways, all i wanted was to have wireless 3G on my tablet! But do i have any workaround for this? Wi-Fi Hotspot is a good alternative i thought! I mean i already have an Android smartphone which supports wi-fi hotspot and i use it frequently. So, it would serve the purpose for me if i get the wi-fi Tab 10.1? Isn’t it? Plus it would save me from the horror of maintaining two data connections, one for my smartphone and the other for my 3G Tab? So, i guess Wi-Fi Tab was the best option. And did i tell you that 3G tab wasn’t available in US, they had the 4G Tab with staggering speeds upto 41Mbps ( and people who got the 4G Tab also said that it felt faster than the wi-fi version ) but  we won’t see that in India soon. Well, in India you have Tab750 which is 3G enabled and you don’t have any Wi-Fi only version here for the Tab750, so we don’t have a choice anyways.

Next choice was to get the 16gb version or the 32gb version, it wasn’t so difficult after all, for the price difference between the 16gb version of Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 32 version of Galaxy Tab 10.1 was 100USD ( ~ 4600INR ), which is utterly not justifiable. ( Damn the iPad trend! ) But won’t I need that extra space on my Galaxy Tab? I mean,I don’t have the MicroSD Slot on this tab either so, I would be forever locked on 16gb ( ~ 11Gb available for user ). But then i realized there is USB Adapter for Galaxy Tab that supports USB On the Go feature ( similar to the one my Galaxy S2 ) and with the help of it, I would be able to plug in any USB Disk drive like Pen drives, External Hard Drives, etc and access the files on the Go. Well, that solves some problem, isn’t it? ( iPAd2 anyone? 😛 ) So, I finally placed the order of Galaxy Tab 10.1  Wi-Fi 16Gb Version with USB Adapter ( and some more accessories, I will cover that later ) and got it here in India through one of friend when he came to India.  ( This isn’t illegal, right? ) He is an Apple fan and iPad2 user, he insisted me to get the iPad2 instead and i asked him to just use the Tab though out your flight to India and he came up with “It’s not bad, it’s actually good!” And, that’s too much of a compliment to get from an apple user. 😛

My first Impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 aka TAb750 in India

When i got the tab, i was pretty much knowing it in-out thorough Youtube videos and others first impressions, but getting it hands on was a different feeling. I’ve used iPad2 earlier, and was surprised at how light this Tab 10.1 is! It is more taller than the iPad2 and is thinner than it as well. iPad2 felt more sturdy as the unibody design is great and feels great to hold on, this thing does not felt that strong, but is not below good by any standards and i highly object the cases where people said it feels a little cheap with it’s plastic type materials. You got to hold it to believe it, that it actually feels great and “LIGHT”! 🙂 I don’t want to go into details of the dimensions and button positions as you would find a lot of info on that on various sites. IF you have some specific questions about the look, feel and design ask me in the comments section.


Screen, Music & Video Player

[ad]Next thing i did was to turn it on, and got to see the screen and i would say, it was okay! I’m spoiled by Super AMOLED on galaxy S2. 😉 Screen resolution makes up for it but still i would have preferred the Super AMOLED on this too. Samsung got it on Tab 7.7 now-HD Super AMOLED! When i got my Tab 10.1, Touchwiz 4.0 was not released, so it had vanilla Honeycomb 3.1 pre-installed on it. So, i can compare both as well. I checked out the Camera & Music Player and they were good. Nothing special. Pretty much the same as you would see on Honeycomb tablets. ( I was using the vanilla Honeycomb that time, things changed when i installed the Touchwiz Update on my galaxy Tab 10.1 ).


Browsing Experience

I wanted to check the browsing experience first so I used my Galaxy S2 to tether the Vodafone 3G to browse on tab and it was a different experience. I actually felt the need of a Tab then. I got speeds upto 8Mbps in New Delhi on Vodafone 3G using the Hotspot. And with Flash, it felt like real Laptop browsing. The stock Honeycomb browser looks like Chrome for windows and supports tabbed browsing,flash, autofill, etc.

Tegr2 Dual core processor at 1Ghz and 1Gb did the job to make the whole UI feel smooth. I didn’t feel it was super fast as Galaxy S2, but it didn’t lagged anywhere either. Transitions were smooth and i liked the honeycomb goodness. Playing HD games is a treat on this Galaxy Tab. I’ll come up with the best Games for galaxy Tab in a while. Stay tuned. I guess 10inch around is the idea size with the tablet. Samsung is flirting with almost all the screen sizes for tablets and now Galaxy Note with 5.5Inch Screen is another bet with Screen size on smartphones. Well, I guess Galaxy Tab 730, 8.9Inch won’t be bad either, but Tab 7.7Inches would be actually nice for it has HD Super AMOLED. 😀


Multimedia Capabilities

Talking of Screen, 10.1 Inch multitouch screen is not only good for gaming, but does pretty well to satisfy your visual needs. With all round multimedia capabilities, it does pretty well when viewed from different angles, not good as galaxy S2 though. Initially it didn’t play all the video files i threw at it and i was actually disappointed. But, after i installed the Touchwiz 4.0 on this Galaxy Tab 10.1, it plays almost anything, 1080p also plays well, but without sound in the Samsung Video Player. ( You can install Dice Player from Android Market, it plays 1080p so smoothly as it supports HW acceleration. ) Built in speaker does pretty well and is loud enough. It sounds even nicer if you turn the 5.1Ch Option in the stock Samsung Galaxy Tab Music Player. Although i liked the interface of Default Honeycomb Music Player with those 3D Cards effects, stock Samsung Tab Music Player did a better job with Equalizer and Effects. I used Bluetooth to transfer some of my fav songs to Tab to check out the Music player as i didn’t had the patience to reach home, plug it into the computer to transfer or Sync my Tab to it. And i felt the power of Bluetooth 3.0, it didn’t show the speed with which it transfers, but my 5mb Songs took less than 5secs. 🙂


Video chat on Galaxy Tab

I wanted to try out the Video chat on this thing, and fired the Skype client from Android Market only to stand disappointed as Skype on android yet doesn’t have Video calls for Tablets or Honeycomb version. 🙁 I went back to the old trusted Google talk to try it out, and it was nice. Microphone did well to catch my voice in a noisy room as well. Front camera is 2Mp and gives great quality on Video calls.  I also tried video calls on other clients and it was okay.


Battery Life on Galaxy Tab

I was actually surprised with the battery of this Tab, I mean i get 1 day battery with moderate use on my Galaxy S2, but this seemed to have lasted a day with more than heavy use. Galaxy Tab 750 comes pre-installed with 7000mAh battery which is not replaceable. But i don’t think, with those battery life figures, you would ever need a spare battery. Specs says 9hours of continuous video playback and is almost true, this time.


PC & Connectivity Options to Kies

What else, I reached home and i installed a lot of games and apps for my needs and personalized it to the core. I also installed the Touchwiz 4.0 for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and things suddenly changed. Stay tuned for detailed review for Touchwiz 4.0 for Galaxy Tab 10.1. Connecting it to my Laptop at home was easy as well. I mean, connecting it though USB was just plugging the USB cable and Kies recognized it instantly. I missed the Kies Air somehow.


Price & Best Buy Options

Galaxy Tab 750 is now available in India at all the Samsung Smartphone outlets at a price of 34,000INR and you’ll get it at around 33,500INR or 33,000INR if you are good at bargaining. It is also available at most of the big Online Stores like Flipkart with a price tag of 34,990INR. I guess you know, where to buy it from. In the box you’ll get

– Galaxy Tab750 -3G 16Gb Version

– Data Cable

– Charger

– Earphones ( Similar to the one you get with Galaxy S2 )

– USB Adapter ( Good Addition by Samsung India )

– Instruction Manuals

– Samsung sling bag ( You’ll have to ask for it – It doesn’t come in the box! So, do ask for it. 🙂 )

Well, thats all for this long review, i was too excited to write about this, but don’t want to make it a long baoring post. So, will keep things interesting and informative for you. Thank you for reading this, if you have any questions for Galaxy Tab, do ask me through comments section. Watch this space for further exciting Tips, Tricks, Reviews and Tutorials for your Galaxy Tab 750. Do follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates,

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