Touchwiz 4.0 UI on Honeycomb for Samsung Galaxy Tab750-Augmented User Experience

When Samsung announced their own Skin Touchwiz 4.0 for Honeycomb in CTIA 2011, I was a bit disappointed. I don’t hate their Touchwiz UI on Galaxy S2 phones, but somehow the Vanilla version of Android is good on Android Honeycomb at least. I mean i do like the clipboard extension on Galaxy S2 but vanilla version [...]

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My First Impressions of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India-Touchwiz Experience-Review

Well, you know Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1 is launched in India as TAb 750. To read more about it, please read the launch of Galaxy Tab 750 in India. Samsung recently( a couple of days ago ) started the sale of Galaxy Tab 750 in India and you can get it for around 33,500INR from [...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab750 & Tab730 with Honeycomb 3.1 launched in India-Price & Best Buy Options

Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1 is launched in India as Galaxy Tab750 and Galaxy Tab 8.9 is launched as Galaxy Tab730 with latest Android 3.1, Honeycomb. To know more about the launch of Galaxy Tab750 & Tab730 read here. It’s Time to Tab!  The wait is finally over. If you were planning to get a new Android [...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Launch in India as Galaxy Tab750 on Aug 10th-Watch live webcast-Price & Pre-Order Offers Soon

Were you not waiting for the Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1 to launch in India? I mean seriously the best Android tablet out there and the first serious competitor to iPad2 in both performance and looks was not yet available in  India. I was following it since was announced & Showcased in MWC 2011 – Galaxy [...]

Exclusive-Download Latest KE8 Firmware & Kernel for Samsung Galaxy S2-Changelog & Review

Samsung released Galaxy S2 in India with Pre-installed KE8 firmware which seemed to have fixed almost all the issues people were facing on the latest KE7 firmware for galaxy S2 in European countries. So, i thought to make it available for everyone to flash it with Odin3. So now you can download an untouched copy [...]

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S2 with Latest Original KE8 Firmware & Kernel-Step by Step guide

Samsung India Launched Samsung Galaxy S2 with a new firmware KE8. Uptil now KE7 was the latest which fixed several issues like Pink Camera Spot & Lockscreen Delay issues. Read more about it here. Indian version came pre-installed with KE8 firmware and seems to be have solved Android Resource bug which caused a lot of [...]

Tips & Tricks: Out of the Box guide for Samsung Galaxy S2-Tests to check faulty SGS2

When you buy a new phone, what do you do with it just after buying it? - Check out the most interesting part in the phone? - NFC? - Click a photo? - Put a screen guard? - Or check if it is free from any manufacturing defects or any software bug that might lead [...]

Best Buy options for Samsung Galaxy S2 in New Delhi-Cheap Price + Free Accessories

I got my new Samsung Galaxy S2 from New Delhi at just 29500INR ~660USD ( thats on June 5th 2011 ). Samsung India decided to launch the New Galaxy S2 here in New Delhi on 4th and ( probably ) gave exclusive rights to Spice Hotspot for selling it for now. I say probably, as [...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini & Mini Pro supports Multitouch-Official Review Video Confirms

There has been a buzz around relatively popular technology sites about a comment from Sony Ericsson Rep at their Youtube Channel about Sony Ericsson Mini & Pro not having multitouch capabilities. Just that single comment made the rumor mill go high and this spread like anything in all the technology blogs. Here’s a screenshot of [...]

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Review:Facebook Inside Xperia Integration in new Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo & Pro Video

Continuing with the first part of Review about the Facebook Inside Xperia Integration in the new series of Sony Ericsson Xperia Phones in 2011. Read the First Part of the Review of Facebook Inside Xperia Integration – How Timescape & USP Evolved, Lets get down to all of Facebook Inside Xperia, one by one, - [...]

Handcent SMS-Complete Messaging Solution on Android Xperia X10

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Handcent SMS-Complete Messaging Solution on Android Xperia X10
The messaging on most of the android phones, provides a quick and enough ways to get the job done. And it’s pretty basic! But then, if you want to have a complete solution, i would recommend this awesome app from Handcent Software. It extends the basic messaging on Android platform to it’s limits with all...
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Welcome to Android Market Apps-Detailed Walkthrough, Reviews, Tips and Tricks!

Welcome to Android Market Apps-Detailed Walkthrough, Reviews, Tips and Tricks!
The time since my friend got a android handset (Samsung Galaxy I7500), she is in constant demand of New and better apps. And to tell you, she is really delighted of what android can offer to her, for she was really a novice to Handsets and their complications in all the phones she tried. But...
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